Baktolan® lotion Hand and Body Skin Care

Main specifications
Category: care
Expiration date: 2,5 years
Volume: 350 ml
Product overview

Moisturizing, fast-absorbing oil-in-water (o/w) care lotion for normal skin.

  •         nourishing formula with vegetable oils and vitamin E.
  •         significantly increases the moisture content of the skin
  •          absorbs quickly and without residue
  •          gives a smooth and supple skin feeling
  •          for quick skin care in between
  •          subtle smell
  •         without parabens


Areas of application
Baktolan lotion is a light oil-in-water care lotion that is adjusted to the pH of the skin. In the formulation, special emphasis was placed on the very good skin tolerance and the quick absorption of the lotion. The nourishing formula with vegetable oils and vitamin E noticeably smoothes the skin and gives it a smooth feeling on the skin.

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