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8.23 Ebony Qveen pigment - concentrate for eyebrows

8.23 Ebony Qveen pigment - concentrate for eyebrows

Main specifications
Brand name: Goldeneye
Category: for eyebrows
Series: Coloressense
Volume: 9
The country of manufacture: Germany
Product overview
Royal black brown - cool dark brown tone with an olive base.
Ideal for customers who need a brown color without a red tint or who need to balance the residual red elements in their skin.
EQ does not contain red or blue elements. When working in the hair technique, hand movements should be very slow. If, as a result of pigmentation, the hairs acquire a saturated and even color from the first pass, then repeated application of the pigment is almost not required.
- mixed with CN or WB creates magnificent shades of brown
- with WW a soft neutral dark brown tone is obtained
- with DT - neutral medium brown tint
- with SS - for the correction of red residues. An increase in SS leads to lighter tones (olive brown)
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