8.25 Hot Chocolate pigment - concentrate for eyebrows

Main specifications
Brand name: Goldeneye
Category: for eyebrows
Series: Coloressense
Volume: 9
The country of manufacture: Germany
Product overview
Soft and dark chocolate brown tone of neutral temperature. Ideal for customers who in no way want a gray eyebrow, but want a dark brown eyebrow.
 - HC does not blush.
 - can be mixed up to 1/3 with WB.
 - in the mix with CC you get a warm shade from medium to dark brown
 - with DT - warm medium brown shade
 - with OO or CN - very warm dark brown tone
Neutral hues are the ideal base color for soft tones (neutral warm and neutral cool). Color proportions are balanced in temperature (between cold and warm). Over time, the tone becomes cooler, does not get too warm. The darker the pigment in this series, the cooler it looks in the skin. Immediately after the procedure, pigments from this series may look a little warmer than by healing. Skin tones that are yellow, yellow-orange and red-orange allow these pigmented colors to come out correctly and unchanged; on pink (violet) and olive (gray-green) skin tones, these pigments do not become too cold.
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