5.72 Love Grit pigment - lip concentrate

Main specifications
Brand name: Goldeneye
Category: for lips
Series: Coloressense
Volume: 9
The country of manufacture: Germany
Product overview
Recalls the colors of the Australian Red Rock, Grand Canyon, or Middle East markets. Earthy and sandy tones are found with fresh tones of red and muted rust.LG is suitable for all clients who strive for a particularly natural, but expressive and sophisticated result. LG becomes a muffled pink paprika in combination with ST when mixed with AA creates a dark amber tone a drop of GG or TS makes the color much darker and more matte Cool shades for lips: pink, pink-purple, burgundy and red-burgundy belong to the group of cool colors the pigments in this group are dominated by purple and bright red pigments, over time, the color remains in the range of cool reddish hues, and therefore can be used for any type of skin on the lips.Natural lips of cold shades will be refreshed, and natural lips of warm brownish shades will become softer and more neutral, these shades will look stronger on light lips, and darker natural lips will become more matte if you need lighter pinkish colors - lighten them with beige MB or white WW
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