EZ Filter Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine Permanent Makeup Machine

Main specifications
Category: devices / cars
Application: for permanent makeup
A type: on cartridges / modules
The country of manufacture: China
Assurance: 6 months
Product overview
EZ Filter V2 Pen is a quality that meets all European standards and requirements. This machine is a real leader in working with modular cartridges. The machine is made in classic black color and minimalistic design, has a signature engraving. The EZ Filter V2 Pen box has a personal passport number. The indisputable advantages of this high-class machine can be safely attributed:
- Stylish design
- Convenience and ease of use
- Democratic cost
- compact
- High-quality assembly
- Durability and practicality
- Minimum vibration level
- High power factor
- Input voltage is 15V
Switching frequency in the range from 55 to 165 Hz
- Departure can be adjusted from 0 to 4.5 mm
-Stroke length: 3.5mm
-Connection: 5.5mm DC Plug
Weight: 122 gr
  • Product Code: APR005
  • Availability: In Stock