Tips 3RT - plastic (sterile)

Main specifications
Category: needle сap
Quantity, pcs: 50
Brand name: China
Product overview
The tip is made of durable plastic. The material is absolutely safe for the human body and does not cause allergic reactions. The main purpose of the cap is to fix and secure the needle in the permanent handle of the device. In addition, the nozzle retains the pigment and feeds it into the needle due to a constant vacuum.
The duoze is made specifically with a narrowing to the tip (the so-called "narrow nose"), due to which pigment gains better. This consumable is not subject to additional autoclave sterilization. This significantly increases the safety of tattooing. In the production of caps, they undergo several sterilization steps and are packed in airtight containers.
Material - plastic
Packing - 50pcs.
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Tips 3RT - plastic (sterile) 50 pcs
3RT Наконечник - пластиковый (стирильный)