Are you a permanent makeup artist or just planning to become one?
Congratulations, you have come to the right place, namely the website of the store of an international company
PMGROUP has been a leader in the field of permanent makeup for over 12 years!
My name is Julia Rozgon, and I have been doing permanent makeup for almost 22 years! My
youthful passion grew into a professional activity, and mine, once,
miniature studio, eventually turned into the very first and largest educational
permanent make-up center in Ukraine!
Throughout my career, I have been searching and finding, designing and inventing the most needed and
The best materials for work in the field of permanent makeup!
And this is absolutely everything that the master may need to work:
- textbooks and video materials for theoretical training;
- courses for the practical implementation of knowledge;
- The best pigments in the world!
- Do you want American? Here's to you - WizArt
- Do you want European ones? Please – Goldeneye
- For beginners – WizArt ORGANIC, WizArt MICROBLADING, Goldeneye Coloressense
- For experienced and advanced - WizArt SRTONG, WizArt INORGANIC, Goldeneye
- Cars of the highest quality of world famous brands;
- Budget cars for the first time.
And also, I have formed sets for you, with an apparatus, a full set of pigments,
anesthetics, and all the extra equipment you'll need to get started
Today our company PMGROUP International, Inc is:
International training center for training and advanced training of specialists
permanent make-up, training of international teachers in permanent
make-up, as well as a permanent make-up studio led by the best specialists and
the most experienced coaches of Ukraine and the world!
Official distributor of the best, proven over the years and experience of top specialists
products for permanent make-up, such well-known TMs as: WizArt, Goldeneye, Ink Machines,
Cheyenne, Critical, Face&andBody and many more!
We guarantee you only original goods with a guarantee of quality at the best price!
CEO of PMGROUP International., Inc.,
Head of the Beauty Salon Standards Committee (PM),
Julia Rozgon