Apparatus Nano-Light 60 (NEODIUM LASER) Removal of permanent makeup and tattoos

Apparatus Nano-Light 60 (NEODIUM LASER) Removal of permanent makeup and tattoos

Main specifications
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Product overview
The Nano-Light 60 Neodymium Laser is a serious tool for removing tattoos and permanent makeup.This laser produces a light beam using a xenon lamp, calculated up to 10 million pulses. Such a long lamp life makes the laser life long. The Nano-Light 60 Neodymium Laser is the choice of true professionals who appreciate the high quality of the procedure with optimal investment in the purchase of the device. The manipulator of the Nano-Light 60 is equipped with a pilot beam device, with the help of which the specialist conducting the procedure can accurately direct the laser to the desired area of ​​the skin and remove the smallest and most complex tattoo details.The Nano-Light 60 laser has a short pulse duration of laser radiation, which makes the procedures using this device comfortable and less traumatic. The convenient touch-screen display of the device and the control button located on the manipulator create convenience and ergonomics in the work, which will be appreciated by cosmetologists, with a large number of procedures throughout the day.
Types of procedures performed on a Nano-Light 60 laser:
-removing tattoo (color and black and white);
-removal of permanent makeup (eyebrows, arrows, lips);
-removal of pigmentation;
- removal of nail fungus (onychomycosis);
-carbon peeling.
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